Theplanetoid is a computer website providing knowledge in custom software programming, website development, computer consulting and graphic design.

Theplanetoid is above all a versatile, young, dynamic, innovative and very creative team whose primary objective is customer satisfaction. Always in constant evolution to be at the forefront of technology, we are committed to providing customized IT solutions adapted to the real needs of the customer. Team members take each client as a new challenge and our common goal is to increase their visibility and profitability.

Our reason for being

Every day, we notice that many professionals are not on the web, lack of information, interests, time, too complex, too expensive. There are many reasons for this. And when they pretend to be interested, it often ends with a simple Facebook page or an abandoned site. Today, the Internet is the medium on which we must show ourselves and communicate. The entire global society is turning towards a decentralized and digital world of televisions, computers and mobiles. And let’s not talk about the emergence of social networks and information communities that are pushing us to emancipate ourselves from traditional codes.

We see in this profound change in our habits

a formidable springboard at the local level: to help and defend everyday businesses and craftspeople, often affected by fierce and fierce competition. Yet it is they who provide jobs, growth, wealth and dynamism to our economy. They too have a specialized and/or ancestral know-how that has been damaged by globalization. theplanetoid intends, at its level, to restore the balance by helping you in your digital communication. We are proud of our city, our region and our country. Together, let’s shout it out loud and clear by building your success on the web!

A need for quality

It may seem hypocritical for a company to say that it is not looking for profit. However, at theplanetoid we are not here to deny the values that are ours. One of the most important for us is quality. If we had to choose between quality and quantity, the choice would be made quickly. We are not looking for customers at any price. That is why we are able to get involved body and soul for you. A web project is a long-term vision, often over several years. It is important to build trust, to be there by your side day after day, to answer you as pertinently as possible.

A desire for simplicity

We like things simple, clean and clear, in other words: user-friendly 2. We reflect this notion in all our design phases. First of all, in the project’s own strategy, which must be clear and in line with your identity, your needs and our values. In the functionalities then, where a balance must be found between production cost, complexity of implementation and ease of use.

A touch of creativity

Standards, established rules, routine, we do everything to avoid them. At theplanetoid we like to differentiate ourselves from our neighbours and cultivate this singularity. Be innovative, step outside our comfort zone. Whether it is a question of design, of thinking about the web and its mechanisms, we show a great openness and a deep critical sense. From start to finish, we want to make this collaboration as enriching and unique as possible, while remaining focused on the objectives and means to achieve them. We are full of ideas and we love to share them with you.