/Easy Tips for Computer Repair

Easy Tips for Computer Repair

The family computer is down: who to contact?

The student son’s computer or the family PC computer has been running for months and the whole family is satisfied. But one day, the computer crashes. Then, motivated by goodwill, each member of the family tries to solve the problem. Everyone has heard, at the office, at school, at school, at school or in discussions with friends, that there is a way to fix the computer. After several attempts and some arguments the recalcitrant computer does not want to restart. So how do we do it?

The first reflex is to ask the salesperson working in the store where you bought the computer. But this approach is limited since salespeople are rarely computer scientists. Then try calling the manufacturer’s hotline. Good luck with that! A little like the telephone operators’ hotlines, it is not uncommon to wait a few minutes before having a conversation with a person who unfortunately does not know more about the problem than you do.

All you have to do is ask for the services of a company specialized in computer troubleshooting. Computer troubleshooting is a booming activity, if only because of the ever-increasing sales of computer equipment. It is certain that in the event of a hardware failure, the computer will have to be returned to the store for an exchange or to the manufacturer’s headquarters. But in the event of a software failure, the hardware mechanic will be able to find the answer.

The rates of these companies specialized in computer troubleshooting vary. Some offer the package, the most common, others practice the subscription system in some cases.

Another interesting solution to try to troubleshoot your computer equipment: since it is broken down, go to a friend’s house, a neighbour’s house or an Internet café and connect to a forum dealing with computers. You will certainly read about the same problem you are facing and will probably get the answer at a lower cost.

But if you plan to use the services of companies specialized in troubleshooting computer equipment, make sure you write down their addresses before you fail!

Computer Maintenance Technician

The computer maintenance technician ensures the maintenance and repair of computer equipment. He can also install new equipment or train users.

Business description

Detecting the failure or making a diagnosis: this is the essential role of the computer maintenance technician.

It replaces, for example, the motherboard of a microcomputer, intervenes on software, understands why the printer no longer works, restores an Internet connection… It must make reliable diagnoses as quickly as possible. He usually intervenes in an emergency.

But its role is also to prevent rather than cure: how to avoid the failure that can have disastrous consequences for the company? Another important mission: install new hardware (computers, printers, scanners…), software and ensure their updating.

He must closely monitor the evolution of the IT and Internet sector and integrate the company’s operating methods to understand his needs before purchasing or renewing equipment.

It can also provide internal training for users, for example by explaining how new software works, while keeping a watchful eye on passing viruses….,

The computer maintenance technician occupies a key position, the importance of which increases with the increasing complexity of equipment and installations.

The work is highly technical and is divided between machines, users and computer scientists. But it is also necessary to have relational and pedagogical qualities, especially if the technician has a role as a trainer.

Working conditions can sometimes be difficult (heavy schedules, frequent travel, on-call periods, staggered schedules, etc.), especially if he works in an IT service and engineering company (IT services company).