/History of herb-infused water

History of herb-infused water

A healthy start to your day has a lot to do with the first sip or bite you take.

Does the title of the blog make you think that this article is going to talk about the world water crisis? No. Not in this one. I’d like to share with you how I changed my relationship with water, and how it transformed me. Keep reading…

The relationship we have with water is very special and subtle. Looking a little deeper or beyond the words we often use to articulate about water the liquid of life gives us a whole new approach to life and what it does to us. This article would try to give you some interesting perspectives to probably start expanding your ideas about water as well as improving your relationship with it.

Let’s look at the role of water in our lives

We all know and understand that water is the vital liquid essential to everything on earth. 70% of the composition of water on Earth is closely related to the composition of water in our bodies. This is more or less similar to most animals as well. This is a simple aspect that leads us to understand the perfect synchronization we have had with mother earth or the need to work more closely with her to improve the synchronization.

In the 158th Journal of Biological Chemistry, H.H. Mitchell points out the composition of water in some of the vital organs of the human body. The brain and heart are composed of 73% water, the lungs of 83%, the skin of 64%, the muscles and kidneys of 79%, and even the bones of 31%.

In addition to quenching our thirst and balancing body temperature, it plays a vital role in maintaining tissue moisture levels. In addition, its lubricating functions provide support for the joints and bones.

The body’s daily functions, such as intake, digestion and excretion, function smoothly with the help of water. Preventing dehydration, providing hydration, enabling vital organ functions, all these processes require 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom, H20.

The amount to drink depends on conditions such as the type of climate in which we live, the nature of the work we do and basic health conditions.

All of this is probably a commonly known fact. Have you ever noticed the emotional relationship we have with water?

The first 280 days of our lives we float inside our mother – the amniotic fluid is essentially water with electrolytes. As the fetus grows this fluid also contains proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, phospholipids and urea. Isn’t it amazing to understand how this fluid begins to protect us and provides all the nutrients for the mother’s survival?

What does herb-infused water do?

Herb-infused water will not give you a “high”. Some commonly experienced observations shared by people who consume herb products or include in their diet in any form can be summarized as

reduction of inflammation,
pain relief,
fights anxiety and depression,
promotes better sleep,
prevents the degeneration of the nervous system, etc.
Research suggests that, for non-medical reasons, a minimum intake of 10-25 mg of herb is recommended at best to be beneficial to the endoherb system.

The history of herb-infused water

Nordic Oil’s herbal products follow standard best quality practices with standard labelling practices that inform the consumer about storage: bottles should be kept away from light and stored in a cool, dark place. This is to help herb keep its properties intact.

To better explain this, it is essential to understand the rigorous process involved in extracting herbs from hemp. There are three commonly adopted methods for herbs extraction: 1) using solvents such as ethanol, propane or butane; 2) using hemp seed oil or a food grade oil such as olive oil; and 3) the CO2 carbon dioxide extraction method. This is followed by the process of purification, filtration and enrichment of the terpene.

Now you can easily understand what is needed to contain the properties of herb intact after undergoing complex extraction processes. There is a growing trend in the sale of water with herbs in supermarkets that store it on shelves or in refrigerators. Prolonged exposure to sunlight from herb water in regular bottles may render it ineffective or cause the herbs contained in the water to become destabilized.

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