/Install A Graphics Card

Install A Graphics Card

It is very easy to mount a graphics card, all it needs is only 15 minutes of your time and also you can get your pc gaming computer system starting up with the brand-new graphics card.

AGP slot was the requirement for graphics card user interface with the motherboard. As modern technology developments, the newer PCI-Express has taken over and lots of graphics card nowadays utilize PCI-E port as its user interface with the motherboard.

Before you can mount the graphics card, you need to recognize which sort of port does your graphics card makes use of.

If you are uncertain which port does your graphics card usage, look into the individual handbook that features the graphics card.

As soon as you are ready to mount your graphics card, adhere to these 4 steps …

Step 1: Uninstall the present graphics card motorists

Prior to you mount your new card, you have to uninstall your present card chauffeur. This is since the existing driver may not be compatible with the brand-new graphics card as well as it may cause hardware problem.

On your Windows desktop computer, click ‘Start’ -> ‘Control Panel’. In the brand-new home window that turns up, look for the ‘System’ symbol and also dual click it. Seek the ‘equipment’ tab. Click on the ‘Device Manager’. This will appear a brand-new home window revealing your whole hardware configuration.

Your graphics card must be noted under the ‘Display Adapter’ heading. Double-click the name of your graphics card In the next window, go to ‘Driver’ tab and right below, there is an ‘Uninstall’ switch. Click the Uninstall button. Once it is done, close all the windows as well as close down your computer system.

Action 2: Remove old graphics card.

Now, disconnect the power socket from the wall surface and also remove the case of your computer system. Find the AGP port (short brownish shade port above the rows of long white PCI port) with your old graphics card. To stop static cost from damaging your computer parts, touch a steel part of the situation to ground on your own. Remove the screw on the back plate of the graphics card and also unplug the graphics card from the port.

Step 3: Install brand-new card.

Line up the new card correctly with the AGP slot (straighten with the PCI-e port if your graphics card is of the PCI express kind). Applying also pressures on both end of the card, slowly press the brand-new graphics card into the slot. Safeguard it to the back plate with a screw.

Step 4: Install brand-new motorists.

Plug in all cables and also boot your Windows. Your operating system ought to now instantly identify the brand-new hardware and also walk you through the setup wizard. Most of the time, you will need to place the chauffeur CD that include the graphics card right into the CD-ROM. Locate the ‘setup.exe’ documents in the motorist CD and dual click it.

It will certainly after that walk you via the setup procedure. If your graphics card is not the most up to date version, then most probably there is a newer version of the chauffeur online. Check out the maker’s internet site as well as download and install the current drivers. Install it. When done, reboot your PC. Currently, you’re prepared to begin video gaming.

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