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IT Software Development

The design and development of your computer software.
IT now plays a strategic role in the development and competitiveness of a company. However, each company has specific needs and different production processes, hence the need to use the services of an IT service provider for the design of customised computer software.

What is computer software design? What is its objective?

Computer software design: a cross-functional process.
Computer software design consists of a set of processes including a needs study, the actual design, development, maintenance and optimization. These various processes are carried out using one or more specific computer languages, including programming languages such as PHP, J2EE, JavaScript, C++, .NET, WinDev, etc. Generally speaking, each computer language consists of a set of instructions, each of which corresponds to an action of the processor.

Software development: ensure the convergence of languages.
There are a multitude of programming languages, which differ according to the desired actions or objectives to be achieved: calculation, management, system programming, teaching, mathematical calculation, artificial intelligence, etc. Thus, specific languages are used to design professional software: production management software, accounting software, inventory management software, among many others. Computer software design provides companies with a variety of applications to automate the execution of different tasks related to production processes.

Who is the computer software design for?

When you have an IT need, you look for software that might be right for you. But these softwares are standardized to suit the greatest number of people, so they may not necessarily be able to perfectly meet your needs. The design of computer software is therefore proposed to companies wishing to have a tailor-made software to better manage their activities.

Bocasay, mastering a wide range of software applications

The versatility of our talents at your service.
Bocasay can design any type of software application, what is important is the control of the steps and the organization of the team. Depending on your objectives, we can advise you on the right work method, the tools to use to work in the right conditions, the most relevant technology, and the right profiles to put on the project (developer, tester, project manager, etc.). Our collaborators work on your software projects from Madagascar and Vietnam.

A framework preference for development: Symfony

Bocasay has chosen the Symfony development framework, based on PHP, for all its fixed price projects concerning software design for its customers. We have also set up many dedicated teams for our customers on different technologies: .NET, Windev, Delphi, Javascript, J2EE, Symfony, etc.

Some examples of realization:

Application for analysis and control of FEC accounting files for BBA
With the implementation of a new accounting standard, imposing a certain number of controls, the Technical Association for Harmonization (ATH) wanted to develop an automatic analysis tool to verify the conformity and quality of the data contained in the FEC files. We therefore chose Symfony technology to design and develop the ATHDATA.net web platform. The tool offers accountants different test packages. Once ordered, this allows the user to test his file and obtain a detailed report presenting in particular the accounting errors in compliance with the standards in force.

Design and development of a web to print software

At the request of one of our customers, we designed an online software such as Web to Print. This new tool, developed with the Symfony framework, allows resellers or franchisees to customize and order their marketing campaigns from their web browser. The software allows to centralize transactions for all the actors in charge of marketing orders. It is connected to several external systems via PLCs. With more than 1000 days of development, the Web-to-print software developed by Bocasay is currently used by a large network of resellers. A global opening is also planned in the coming months.

Why design custom computer software?

On the Internet or at your IT service provider, you can have access to professional IT software that is already functional and ready to use. However, it must be noted that these software and other applications do not always suit the specific needs of a company. And this is not surprising, since these software are designed for a wide audience and do not take into account the specificities of each company or professional. The design of computer software by a specialized service provider guarantees the availability of tailor-made software, designed for the specific needs of an entity, and which can be improved according to the evolution of its activities.

Our advice to prepare the design of your computer software
If you are a professional or represent a company, and you plan to design computer software to better manage your activities or those of your company, here is what you should do before you even consult an IT service provider:

Identify the type of solution desired: customized professional software, upgrade of existing computer software, integration of new features into pre-existing software, security, etc.
Expected use: production management, human resources management, sales management, course design, customer management, etc.

Selected platforms: mobiles, tablets, desktops, etc.

If you don’t know where to start your custom software design project, contact us and tell us about your project. We will be able to assist you on the next steps to be taken.