/What Makes You A Good Web Developer

What Makes You A Good Web Developer

Good developers don’t run the streets. Just look at the recruitment difficulties of digital companies to realize that this kind of profile is a rare gem. On the other hand, when you are a developer, you often wonder how to improve to become better, and what makes someone else good. Here are some of the answers.

  1. You have an analytical mind
    IT is above all a profession of analysis and logic. By having analytical skills from the start, you are on the right side to be among the best. For others, nothing is lost: with time and experience, your cognitive skills will improve: reasoning, language knowledge, problem solving, logic. In any case, analytical thinking is a necessary but not sufficient component to be considered a good developer.
  2. You have team spirit
    When choosing the digital path, you should know that you will never work alone. Of course, you are on your code, and you will need to be able to solve most of your problems independently. But in most cases, your code will be integrated into a project, in which many people participate (not just developers). In this way, you will be integrated into a team or project with all the benefits of this operation:
  • Mutual aid,
  • Support,
  • Problem solving in groups,
  • Shared moments of relaxation….

But also with the constraints of living in a community:

  • Integration within the group;
  • Conflict resolution;
  • Reviews ;
  • Questioning the work of others.

In short, by having team spirit and appreciating how it works, you put all the chances on your side to be a good developer.

  1. You know how to question yourself
    In IT, things move fast, very fast, too fast. With experience, you will probably become good in a given field. But technological and methodological developments are sometimes dazzling, so you will have to accept to question yourself, to let your knowledge and comfort slip away to put yourself in danger. At the beginning of a career, one does not necessarily imagine that the language and methods used will become obsolete a few years later. But a good developer knows that only work and curiosity can keep you on top.
  2. You’re on the lookout
    Do you know that things are moving? So take the lead and get trained! Monitoring is an integral part of the developer’s job. Read general information sites, read blogs, read documentation, test technologies and frameworks, learn, create things. You will not be served on a plateau the knowledge to develop in this or that technology. It is up to you to take charge of learning and mastering them. You will surely have training during your professional course. Take advantage of it but don’t stop there: training has never replaced experimentation.
  3. You take your time to save time
    Generally, beginners rush into their development without thinking. A good developer knows that technical thinking and design are essential to a quality code. At the beginning of your career, don’t hesitate to take your time, to break down the problem, to visualize the architecture of the target code. Over time, this design will become almost mechanical. When you really think about it, taking your time saves you time: whether it’s in the medium term by creating secure, reliable and maintainable code – which speeds up maintenance and evolution tasks – or in the long term by developing your analytical mind – which speeds up future developments.
  4. You change your point of view
    Whether at a business meeting, a lunch with your colleagues or a conference, you feel free to share your vision and listen to different points of view. These exchanges are an excellent way to confront each other’s convictions and eventually change them. By putting yourself in the other’s shoes, by accepting to listen to his problems and solutions, you will enrich your own experience. Do not hold a grudge if you do not agree, accept your differences: no one holds a complete and unchanging truth.
  5. You are passionate
    Last but not least, and most important to me: passion. As in any other profession, passion will allow you to accomplish wonders, whether it is on a technical level, on an efficiency level or to transmit your knowledge around you. If you put your heart into the work and are passionate about your work, you will be able to surpass yourself and create things that surpass you. Doing a job you love is the main driver of excellence.

In conclusion: learn to learn

I’ve given you some ideas to try to be a better developer. However, never forget that the developer’s job is an apprenticeship job. Rather than accumulating knowledge, learn to learn. Methods and technologies are evolving so rapidly that the main challenge of the business is to stay in touch. It is at the cost of a lot of effort and your ability to adapt that you will become a good developer and remain so!